Looking for Home Insurance in
Northern Ireland?


Different cover for different needs

Home insurance is relevant to everyone, regardless of whether you own your own home or if you’re renting one. Although there are many different varieties of policy, which can be matched to the various wants and needs of individuals, your status may determine what kind of home insurance you need the most.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is an essential insurance policy for anyone that has their own place, whether rented or owned by themselves and yet many people do not currently have an active policy in place. This is perhaps a result of the perception of many people that contents insurance is a waste of money; that it doesn’t particularly do anything worthwhile and because you may never need to claim on it.

Fortunately, there are many benefits associated with contents insurance, including the following:

  • New For Old – More insurers are offering a new for old policy where they will provide you with a new TV if your old one is stolen, for example. This means that you could have all of your possessions replaced quickly if they are stolen or destroyed and some insurers will even replace slightly damaged items.

  • The Extras – There are often extras on contents insurance policies. For example, some will replace any money stolen from your house. Some will protect certain items outside the home, like a laptop. You can also choose various extras to be added to your policy, like legal assistance and bicycle cover.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is a form of insurance that’s specifically designed with homeowners in mind and will protect the very structure of their home against a wide variety of hazards. For example, if a bad storm damages your roof, you can claim on your insurance, which will in turn enable you to pay for it to be repaired. Similarly, if a tree happens to fall through your kitchen wall then you’d also be in a position to claim for that.

Understandably, buildings insurance varies from policy to policy, so you’ll need to examine the exclusions before opting to take out a specific one. Many do not cover flood damage or subsidence, for example. Whilst others may only cover you for the removal of any trees that come crashing through the walls of your home rather than repairing the damage. All of the relevant exclusions and terms will be fully detailed in the individual policy documents for you.

Buildings insurance has no relevant value for individuals that rent because they do not own the building itself. Instead, it is up to the owner of the property to obtain insurance for the structure of the home. However, whether you are homeowner or a landlord, a good buildings policy will nonetheless make you feel more at ease.